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The company has been founded more than 70 years ago and since then we have been focusing on what we can do best: Developing, producing and selling machines for vacuum packing and cooking under vacuum for the industry, supermarkets, gastronomy and in particular for the butchers. Whatever we do, we always focus on our customers. They are in the focus of our thinking and doing. We are always looking for the best and most cost-efficient solutions that stand for highest quality “Made in Germany” and offer a comprehensive range of products for almost any need to our customers. All our employees are well educated and trained and have many years of experience in the line of business. The one-to-one service on site, the trusting cooperation with our partners on the selling and supplier side for decades, the family environment as well as flat hierarchies and the direct contact to all relevant contact persons – up to the entrepreneurial family are further indicators of our company. All these give our customers a maximum of continuity, quality, efficiency and promptness in all fields – yesterday, today and tomorrow!

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Das Unternehmen KOMET GmbH

From professionals for professionals

For all requirements: 40 Machines on offer with lots of options and hundreds of possible combinations

Our machines are suitable for a large number of industries, applications and target groups: from the industrial use over butchers, caterers and the supermarkets up to the gastronomy and the ambitious amateur chef – but also for fishermen, barkeepers or market stall operators. Our machines are used wherever food is stored under hygienic conditions, produced or offered or wherever food and beverages are prepared at highest standards. With almost 40 different vacuum packing and Sous-Vide machines, we offer the right solution for every requirement: Table top models, floor models, double chamber machines, tray sealers, automatic thermoforming machines and Sous-Vide cooking devices.








Market stall operators








Amateur chefs


Cooking schools


Food retailing / Discount


Technology /Industry

Ready cut and pre-portioned food is of high importance for dealers and manufacturers. The vacuum technology offers a large number of advantages for it – it is in particular possible to considerably extend the shelf life and storage suitability of perishable products. Longer transportation distances will be also an option for the manufacturer. He can produce large quantities at a time, centrally store them and then deliver large or small quantities as required by the customer – to the shelf, if needed. The supermarkets can also order large quantities of for example, meat or sausages cost-efficiently at once, pack them in one piece or in portions and offer it for sale e.g. at the refrigerated counter.

Butchers have always been familiar with the vacuum technologies. Even there, other diverse applications have been developed due to cost pressure and the necessity to conserve resources. As the product is vacuumed and gas flushed, it is not necessary to immediately sell it, which results in considerably less rejects / loss and thus a considerably higher return.

Your meals: at highest level always to the point. Your kitchen: perfectly planned and efficiently organized. You should certainly rely on our methods and techniques. You can perfectly complete your kitchen equipment with the innovative vacuum technology and the Sous-Vide cooking devices, you can react upon with great flexibility at any time – independent of what and when your customers desire – and improve your efficiency.

More storage space for food compared to the packaging in rigid plastic boxes, spend more time with the guests, care for enthusiastic guests with products cooked to the point and when they ask with astonishment: “Did you really cook this meal yourself?” to give them a bright smile and nod. Only a few of many advantages for ambitious amateur chefs. Besides our standard program, we also offer machines to be integrated into existing or new kitchens specifically for the private use. And of
course, all our machines for the private use correspond 1:1 to the machines for the professional use.

Product Group Food

Our machines for vacuum packing and cooking under vacuum are suitable for a large number of food items – in particular, wherever freshness, shelf life and efficiency or also the unique enjoyment play a role due to a very particular preparation method.

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Dairy products

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Baked goods

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Soups / Sauces

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Ready-made meals

Other Product Groups

  • Printed circuit boards (protection against dust and humidity)
  • Sterile sheets / blankets (surgical area)
  • Technical components (protection against damaging each other)
  • ESD components (no electrostatic charge)
  • Screws / small parts (fixed)
  • Valves (corrosion protection)
  • Electronic components, spare parts, clean room packaging, high quality components produced by injection moulding (damages)
  • Medical products, blood reserves (shelf life)
  • Orthopaedic parts (protection)
  • Money (volume and protection against theft)
  • Pet food (shelf life)
  • Sterling cutlery (no tarnishing)
  • Clothing (volume when storing)
  • Glasses (sustainability)
  • Film reels (protection against destruction)
  • Cushions (volume when transporting)
  • Adhesive (no hardening)
  • etc.

Films, bags, trays – the correct packaging also counts.

Technically high-quality devices are indispensable for the vacuum packing as well as for cooking under vacuum. But not only this: Also the packaging material needs to match! It has to ensure a high sealing ability and a high oxygen density and be suitable for extremely low or high temperatures as well as for liquid, pasty, grainy, powdery or solid products. And, of course, the sustainability and the recyclability and the certificate “free from plasticisers” are also an important requirement.

Siegelrandbeutel Verpackung von Komet

Vacuum bag

Komet Verpackung Kochbeutel

Cooking bag

Schrumpfbeutel Verpackung von Komet

Shrink bag

Siegelschalen Verpackung von Komet


Our Product Advantages

Since more than 70 years, we are solely dealing with the topics of vacuum packing and cooking under vacuum. It is no wonder that our machines stand out by a number of product features and advantages. All machines are MADE IN GERMANY, easy to operate, well processed and offer a very good price performance-ratio.

KOMET vacuum machines are exclusively manufactured from high-quality single components: e.g. stainless steel, splash-proof elements and high-performance pumps. Clear building structure, robust technology and the wellthought design guarantees a long-term operational capability.

The perfect interaction of closing force, sealing temperature and sealing time obtains optimum sealing results. Our high pressure sealing systems ensure consistent sealing results also for stronger bag types. The cut off sealing provides more hygiene.

Fast cycle times with perfect high vacuum
Due to the perfectly dimensioned built-in components and the optimum ratio of pump size and chamber volume, very fast cycle times and a simultaneously perfect end vacuum is possible.

Fast vacuum times
Flexible tubes, valves and screw fittings will be laid fluidically optimized, a much lower hydraulic resistance is resulting hereof.


The control boards allow a simple and exact setting of important operating parameters. It is possible to call pre-set values using the memory function. The thoroughly thought and ergonomic design of the machines allows user-friendly working and ensures optimum packaging results. Large lid opening for ergonomic and easy insertion of the bag into the chamber. Slight and easy movement of the lid with the help of counterweights inside of the double chamber machines.

Rapid and easy cleaning of the machines does not only save time and money, but also stress. Therefore, our machines are equipped with vacuum trays and housings made of stainless steel, smooth surfaces, curves and wireless sealing bars. All single components are easily accessible (e.g. hinged housings, service doors) and clearly arranged. A service program supports the functionality and durability of the vacuum pump. In this way, each customer is also in a position to replace wearing parts and to perform maintenance tasks. However, should there be any problems, our technical service will be at your disposal with advice and support.

In our products, we permanently deal with the latest control technology and possible applications. Latest technology should always improve the product. Examples are the recessed control boards with the latest control technology, the cylinder sealing with maximum closing force and easily removable, wireless sealing bars, a vacuum pump with particularly low susceptibility to failure due to the used high-quality materials.

Advantages / Standard Equipment *

  • Cylinder sealing
  • Sealing bars are to remove without tools
  • Wide double sealing
  • Lid locking can be unhooked
  • Dynamic end position damping of the lid opening
  • Vacuum-moulded chambers for a hygienic cleaning
  • Silent ventilation
  • Grip protection on the lid
  • Recessed control board
  • Robust components and construction
  • Stainless steel as well as best metal alloys
  • Plexiglas lid – important for packaging soups and sauces
  • Service program for the pump
  • Soft ventilation
  • Step / impulse vacuum
  • Oil change indicator
  • Optimised heat dissipation
  • Vacuum stop button
  • Microcomputer control board
  • Inlet plate(s) for height adjustment
  • Flat Plexiglas lid for Nikivac, all other machines have a convex lid
  • Plexiglas lid (not for Powervac 200/210 and for SD-1000)

*depending on the machine type

Selectable Options *

  • Gas flushing (MAP)
  • Program control with sensor (Perfect)
  • Connection for external extraction (container)
  • Anti-slip mat
  • Cut-off and sealing
  • Compressed air pressure sealing
  • Switch off sealing bars
  • Additional sealing bars
  • Bigger vacuum pumps
  • Voltage variants
  • Carts
  • ESD version
  • Stronger sealing transformer
  • Plug with phase inverter
  • External pump
  • Higher lid
  • Customer requirements

*depending on the machine type

Sustainability – A topic, that concerns us.

For us, sustainability is an important part of our corporate philosophy. Therefore, we regularly check all processes and products in the company. Our machines consist almost entirely of recycled and recyclable components. We make sure that natural alternatives to plastic trays such as reusable jars and containers or trays made of wood fibres (biodegradable and compostable) or fully recyclable vacuumbags can be used with our machines. It is important that properties such as handling, temperature resistance, leakproof and grease resistance are being guaranteed, raw materials and with our tray sealers, we make the manufacturers of trays and films made of renewable. Therefore, we closely cooperate with developers and matching technology available in order to easily implement the use of trays made of renewable raw materials for the packaging in the practice.

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The KOMET quality promise

KOMET grants a guarantee of 24 months on all machines – also, in the commercial sector. The guarantee includes the whole functioning of the machines. This ensures the customers that their newly purchased Komet products will also possess the promised properties and functions.