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Sous-Vide Cooking – Our maschines

Table models



Technical data:

Water bath in litres: 14
Internal dim. of the tank (w x d x h / mm):
328 x 299 x 200



Technical data:

Water bath in litres: 23
Internal dim. of the tank (w x d x h / mm):
297 x 504 x 200


Grid to separate

Zubehör Abdeckgitter

You would like to cook vacuumised goods at the same temperature and at the same time, but with different starting times or with different cooking times? Using the separation grid for the thermaliser it is possible to subdivide your bath and thus easily keep the bags having different cooking times apart. Perfect for the use in the à-la-carte business. Available for Julia and Melanie.

Anti-vapour balls


The water surface of the gourmet thermalizer can be completely covered with anti-vapour balls (swimming balls) made of Polypropylene in order to considerably reduce the heat and evaporation losses.


wasserfestes Etikett

With the waterproof sous-vide-labels you can label your bags optimally and thus have an optimal monitoring of the products.

Cover grid

Zubehör Abdeckgitter

Thanks to the weight of the covering grid you can keep your vacuum bags under water during the whole cooking process. This way, a uniform cooking process in the food is guaranteed over the entire cooking time. Just position the covering grind on top of the tank. Available for Julia (max. 1 piece) and Melanie (max. 3 pieces).

Product advantages

  • Compact and stylish
  • Small footprint at large volumes
  • Outstanding price performance ratio
  • Easy-to-understand operating
  • Designed for continuous operation
  • Thermaliser is delivered without pump; therefore, the water bath is durable, maintenance and wear-free
  • Micro-Controller control board
  • Temperature accuracy due to PID controller
  • The temperature can be set in steps of 0.1 degree
  • Temperature setting range: from +25 °C to + 85 °C:
  • High-quality stainless steel housing including stainless steel lid
  • Optimum heat distribution due to convective water circulation
  • Around 30 % efficient energy saving compared to combi-steamer
  • High heating power by mean of the panel heating on the whole bottom of the tank. Thus, it is possible to obtain a uniform temperature distribution in the whole tank, also if the separation grids (optional) are used
  • The thermalizer is easy to clean since there are no disturbing heating elements in the tank as well as due to the electro-polished tank
  • Serial dry running protection with automatic switch-off of the heating as soon as the required water level has dropped and is not sufficient enough
  • Programmable acoustic timer adjustable up to 99 hours / resolution 1 minute
  • Ideal energy efficiency through excellent thermal insulation of the tank and the stainless steel lid.
  • Two operating modes: a. Indicating only the temperature b. Indicating temperature and time with acoustic signal
  • Option to switch over from °C to °F
  • Setting of programmable lead time. Machine starts automatically at the desired time
  • Each bath is calibrated (2-point calibration) in order to be able to guarantee temperature accuracy
  • Intuitive operation of the illuminated display equipped with large push-buttons and clear symbols
  • Splash-proof keypad
  • Professional operating instructions suited to the customers
  • Full usage of the whole machine since it is heated from the outside
  • 230 volts, no high voltage power connection required
  • Overcooking is not possible, since the product is not directly in contact with the heating coil
  • Special thermal insulation against loss of heat: for a better energy efficienzy as well as for an accurate temperature
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The KOMET quality promise

KOMET grants a guarantee of 24 months on all machines – also, in the commercial sector. The guarantee includes the whole functioning of the machines. This ensures the customers that their newly purchased Komet products will also possess the promised properties and functions.