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Data sheets “Vacuum packing”

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Evolution 300 Plus
PlusVac 20
PlusVac 21
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PowerVac 200
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The films show the processes and functions of the machine options.

Film 1: Container packing inside the chamber

Film 2: Comfort control: Quit a fault

Film 3: Comfort control: In total

Film 4: Comfort control: Choose your program

Film 5: Comfort control: Adjust sealing time

Film 6: Comfort control: Activate the service program

Film 7: Comfort control: Vacuumstop for liquids

Film 8: Comfort control: Adjust Vakuum time
Film 9: Inlet plates for height adjustment
Film 10: External connection for containers
Film 11: Hook and unhook the gas pressure spring
Film 12: Perfect Control: Adjust Gas flushing
Film 13: Perfect Control: Quit a fault
Film 14: Perfect Control: Choose your program
Film 15: Perfect Control: Adjust Serling time
Film 16: Perfect Control: Activare the service program
Film 17: Perfect Control: Boiling point recognition
Film 18: Perfect Control: Soft ventilation adjustable
Film 19: Perfect Control: Activate soft ventilation
Film 20: Perfect Control: Adjust step/impuls vacuum
Film 21: Perfect Control: Packing with gasflushing/MAP
Film 22: Perfect Control: Adjust full vacuum
Film 23: Correct installation for the cut off sealing bar
Film 24: Packing of liquids in a glasjar
Film 25: Packing glasses with vacuum


The animations show the processes and functions of the machine options.

Animation 1: External Suction
Animation 2: Gas flushig/MAP
Animation 3: Insert plates
Animation 4: Impules-/step vacuum
Animation 5: Sealing bars
Animation 6: Sealing systems
Animation 7: Sealing systems – Cut off Sealing
Animation 8: Service program – Comfort Control
Animation 9: Service program – Perfect Control
Animation 10: Boiling point recognition
Animation 11: Soft ventilation
Animation 12: Control board – Comfort
Animation 13: Control board – Perfect

Media library


Below we have compiled a few selected films for you that clearly illustrate the benefits and advantages of vacuum cooking and vacuum packaging machines in general.

Sous-vide concepts in vacuum bag

Sous-Vide pineapple
Sous-Vide chicory
Sous-Vide duck breast
Sous-Vide lamb’s lettuce
Sous-Vide carrots
Sous-Vide salmon
Sous-Vide ox cheek
Sous-Vide ribeye
Sous-Vide ribeye steak
Sous-Vide beef broth

Sous-vide recommendations

Cooking recommendations
Economic efficiency calculation

Questions about the product.

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The KOMET quality promise

KOMET grants a guarantee of 24 months on all machines – also, in the commercial sector. The guarantee includes the whole functioning of the machines. This ensures the customers that their newly purchased Komet products will also possess the promised properties and functions.