Table top and floor standing tray sealer

By using the KOMET RapidPac it would be possible to manufacture products and to pack them under modified atmosphere (MAP). This technology including the used trays and films provides a considerably longer durability of the product compared to the usage of conventional packaging procedures. The TS 100 is a professional semi-automatic floor tray sealer with vacuum and gas flushing (MAP) – also suitable for gas flushing with oxygen (optional). It ensures an optimum shelf life for the packed products with minimal gas usage.

Table top tray sealer

RapidPac and RapidPac E


RapidPac with fixed frame
The well-known machine with fixed frame. Available for 2 standard tray sizes (137 x 187 mm or 178 x 227 mm). Frame sealing.

RapidPac E with changeable frame system; only available for tray size 178 x 227 mm.
Because of the changeable frame, it would be possible to use divided trays (e. g. menu trays) with 178 x 227 mm. Full surface sealing for divided die set.

Technical data:

Top film width for tray 137 x 187 (mm): 190
Top film width for tray 178 x 227 (mm): 230
Maximum tray depth (mm): 65
Compressed air and gas connection required!

Standard tray sizes (mm):

rapidpac traysize von Komet

Interchangeable frame function for Rapidpac E:

Rapidpac-Wechsler 1
Rapidpac-Wechsler 3
Rapidpac-Wechsler 4
Rapidpac-Wechsler 2

Selectable options: Undercarriage W 3 + W 4

Technical data:

W 3 Outer dimensions (lid closed / w x l x h/mm): 475 x 620 x 760
W 4 Outer dimensions (lid closed / w x l x h/mm): 475 x 620 x 760


Product characteristics Options

  • Semi-automatic packing using preformed trays with sealable top film and gas flushing / MAP
  • Easy, manual insertion of the trays in the sealing frame
  • One tray per cycle

Floor standing tray sealer

TS 100

TS 100

Examples of interchangeable frames

Technical data:

Top film width (mm): 440
Maximum tray depth (mm): 95 (150)
Compressed air and gas connection required!

Standard tray sizes (mm):

Mitarbeiter von Komet
TS 100 Schale ohne

Tray without division

TS 100 Schale

Menu tray with one division

TS 100 Schale mit 2

Menu tray with two divisions

Product characteristics

  • Semi-automatic packing with prefabricated trays with a sealable top film without vacuum or under vacuum with gas
  • Automatic film winding
  • Easy loading of the trays into the sealing frame
  • User-friendly, problem-free conversion to other additional tools
  • Easy changing of the top film
  • Vacuum pump built-in the mobile casing and protected against spraying water
  • Automatic contour cut around each tray
  • Manual insertion of the trays under the sealing tool, after which the trays are automatically vacuumed, gas-flushed, sealed and cut
  • Frame sealing
  • Compressed air sealing with high seal strength
  • Filling plates for the vacuum chamber, achieving faster vacuuming and less gas usage.
  • Vacuum pump: 40 cbm/h


  • Vacuum pump: 40, 60, 63 or 106 cbm/h
  • Other tray sizes
  • Film feed accurate to the millimetre, thereby reducing film usage
  • Photo cell for printed top film
  • Maximum depth of tray: 150 mm
  • Right and left stainless steel shelves
  • Gas flushing with oxygen
  • Gas bottle holder
  • Full surface sealing for divided interchangeable frames
  • Pressure reducer for gas bottle
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The KOMET quality promise

KOMET grants a guarantee of 24 months on all machines – also, in the commercial sector. The guarantee includes the whole functioning of the machines. This ensures the customers that their newly purchased Komet products will also possess the promised properties and functions.