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Vacuum packaging

Kalbshaxe Vakumieren

Vacuum packing has become indispensable wherever food is stocked, produced and offered under hygienic conditions. Meat and sausages, poultry, ready meals, soups, sauces, cheese, fish and other food remain longer durable due to vacuum packing and moreover there is no loss in weight and aroma. In particular in the storage the space-saving vacuum packing would be an advantage.

With almost 40 different vacuum packing machines, we offer the right solution for every requirement.

Vacuum packing – The advantages

Food is packed hygienically clean in the bag avoiding leaking of e.g. sauces or marinades. This guaranties clean and safe transportation; no matter if for catering, if you need it for BBQ or a picnic or if you will be going on a holiday.

Food such as nuts, pine nuts, sesame, spices, dry fruit or jelly-babies can easily be resealed in their original bags. In this way, the products are protected against humidity avoiding that they go stale early.

Marinating is improved due to the vacuum and it can be performed within shorter term. It is possible to marinate e.g. barbecue meat in only 15 minutes!

The packed food remains fresh and juicy, it can neither dry out nor oxidise. No risk of freezer burns.

The transfer of odour or taste from one food to another is avoided by the protection barrier of the vacuum bag. The original aroma is maintained.

Using the vacuum packing machine, it is possible to prepare or buy large quantities, store them in portions and use them as needed. This does not only save time, but notably costs.

Food which is sealed in the vacuum bag provides an efficient solution for storage space e. g. in the refrigerator or in the storage room as well as during shipping and delivery. When vacuum packing products, the volume of such products is reduced so that less space is required compared to common storage boxes. This applies not only for food products but also for other products. Such e.g. for pillows which can be shipped gently pressed together.

Under vacuum the meat can mature very gently and free from external influences.

It is not necessary to store food, such as fish, meat and cheese separately, since the products are hermetically sealed in the vacuum bag. There is no transfer of taste or odour. It saves space and costs.

Marmalade and preserving jars are placed or laid, filled into the chamber of the vacuum packing machine, the pump removes the air from the chamber and from the glass – a vacuum is generated guaranteeing a prolonged durability of your food. Mind the “plop” when opening the jar.

Sustainability is experiencing new dimensions when vacuum packing. Leftover food or too much bought food can be preserved, stored or frozen and then prepared at a later point in time.

Since the food in the vacuum bag has a longer shelf life, it is also possible to offer products which are not requested every day. It is possible to make small portions of food and thus increase the diversity of products.

After having packed the food under vacuum, it will no longer be e.g. in contact with the hands during storage, further processing or the consumption. Unwanted external influences on the product such as germs and bacteria will be avoided.

Because of the transparent vacuum bag, the color change on the surface of the product e.g. for meat is visible for the customer. With this he gets a good and perfect impression on the freshness and quality of the product.

There will be no loss in weight during storage and when cooking under vacuum. An economic advantage for the professional user.

Particularly for sausage products or cheese, the first cut often dries out or changes its colour during storage. Avoid this by using a vacuum bag. Since it is no longer necessary to throw the first cut away, but can be sold, the profitability is increased.

Do you already know “Sous-Vide” or easy “Cooking under vacuum” – the gently method to cook? Please find further information about this topic from page 26 on in this brochure. More information here

The shelf life often presents a major problem and already after a short time food is no longer fresh and suitable for consumption. Thanks to the vacuum technology it is possible to considerably reduce this problem.

The vacuum technology stands for highest quality: The food can perfectly mature, marinades are perfect, no freezer burn, there is no taste or odour transfer of other food and first cuts on e.g. sausages do not change their colour, etc.

Thanks to the protection of the vacuum packing the vitamins and the natural nutrients are preserved while storing the food.

Food packed under vacuum is protected against external influences. Thus, the products still look fresh and juicy when unpacking them from the vacuum bag.

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The KOMET quality promise

KOMET grants a guarantee of 24 months on all machines – also, in the commercial sector. The guarantee includes the whole functioning of the machines. This ensures the customers that their newly purchased Komet products will also possess the promised properties and functions.