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Sous-Vide Cooking

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The requirements in hotel business, gastronomy, canteens; butchers and catering are becoming more and more diverse. A correct planning and equipment of the kitchen including individual right products as well as latest technologies for each type of kitchen are indispensable. “Sous-Vide” – also called cooking under vacuum – is the magic word. Fish, meat, vegetables or fruits are cooked to the point under vacuum at low temperature gently and absolutely without problems.

To do so, we provide the suitable devices so you can deliver products of unmatched quality to your guests with
aromas and textures incomparable to other cooking techniques.

In this case, the dimensions of your requirements do not matter – may it be for small quantities or large events, if you have a lot of space or if you are working in a very limited space. Highest quality requirements and cost-efficient operating modes apply for all our products.

Sous-Vide – The advantages

Due to the low cooking temperature, considerably fewer liquid escapes from the product into the vacuum bag and thus it may avoid the product to dry out. Since the air is withdrawn from the vacuum bag, the food may be preserved considerably longer and maintained in its origin form.

Vitamins and natural nutrients are preserved because of the protection provided by the vacuum packing and the low-level heat supply. The packed food can neither dry out nor oxidize and the natural colour may even be intensified.

For example, in catering the processes can be planned, prepared and calculated stress-free. By using the Sous-Vide process you would be able to cook the products under vacuum in advance and store them until the event starts. On the date of the event the products are regenerated in the thermalizer and finally prepared.

Besides that, parties and events require a higher flexibility from the caterer. Schedules are seldom kept, nonetheless dishes should have the best quality. With Sous-Vide it is possible to keep different products on “Standby”, without overcooking them. Cooking under vacuum always guarantees it to be perfectly done.

When cooking under vacuum you are completely independent from time. Products are pre-cooked precisely during idle times and prepared and served as required. Since the production is independent from time, the utilization of the kitchen is considerably improved.

There will be no loss in weight during storage and when cooking under vacuum. An economic advantage for the professional user.

Vacuum packing machines and thermalizer can be used independently at different places. In this way, the working processes are not limited in particular smaller kitchens.

Thermalizers consume considerably less energy than e.g. a steamer / combi steamer. This result is achieved due to a better isolation and the heating up of water (high efficiency). No loss of heat energy when opening the machine. In total, this results in considerable cost savings.

With the vacuum technology it is possible to continuously provide consistently high quality. Overcooking of the products with Sous-Vide cooking would be excluded.

Vitamins and natural nutrients are preserved when cooking under vacuum because of the protection provided by the vacuum packing and the low-level heat supply.

While cooking under the absence of air, spices, oils and marinades can very well penetrate into the product. Moreover, it perfectly reflects the specific character of the food.

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“In former times, the guests had to wait for the meal, nowadays we are waiting for our guests having the meal already prepared.”

Hubertus Tzschirner, Chef

The profitability calculation

We will show you by using the following calculation from profitability of Hubertus Tzschirner that Sous-Vide products are not only tastier and healthier but also more cost efficient for the user.

  • Fillet of beef as a whole cooked and sliced as medallions
  • Cooking loss when cooked in a common way: 20 – 25 % depending on the cooking method and temperature
  • Cooking loss at low-temperature cooking procedure under vacuum:
    8 – 10 %
  • These values are reference values since each meat is of different quality also regarding the water content, the maturity and the storage
  • Not considered, but not to forget: (conventional cooking with energy-intensive devices: 400 volts, Sous-Vide cooking with 230 volts in the thermalizer), personnel costs, time saving.

“Satisfied guests are the best reason for cooking a meal.”

Stefan Marquard, Chef

Testimonial S. Marquard

So simple

Cooking under vacuum is simple. If you follow a few simple rules, choose high-quality products and raw materials, the right
tools as well as some creativity, you will achieve rapidly the perfect results.

1. Vacuum packing

sous-vide Garen von Komet

Bring the raw product and the ingredients together into the vacuum bag and then vacuum it.

2. Cooking under vacuum

sous-vide Garen von Komet

Put the vacuumed product into a gourmet thermalizer and carefully cook it at low temperature.

3. Cool / Store in a cool place

sous-vide Garen von Komet

If you do not immediately serve the prepared meals after cooking you can cool them down and store them in a cool place. Cool down the goods after cooking within 90 minutes to a temperature of 3 °C. To do so, it is recommended to use a bath of iced water or a blast freezer.

4. Regenerating

sous-vide Garen von Komet

Before serving, heat up the cooled down products in a gourmet thermalizer to the desired serving temperature.

5. Roasting

sous-vide Garen von Komet

Roast the food directly before serving it. This provides an optically beautiful crust e. g. for meat with corresponding roasting flavour. (Except for stewed dishes: These dishes are roasted before vacuum packing and cooking them).

6. Serving

sous-vide Garen von Komet

Let the products rest shortly after roasting, garnish them, add some seasoning, if necessary, and serve them.

Temperature steps

Sous-Vide cooked beefsteak of 220 g. The steaks have been cooked under vacuum under vacuum at temperatures from 54 °C to 75 °C for 60 minutes.

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The comparison

Common cooking 

temperature steps from Komet

Different cooking levels in one piece.

Sous-Vide cooked (55 °C)

cooking comparison from Komet

Continuously perfect cooking.