Technical information

Boiling point recognition in the Perfect control

Humidity evaporates during vacuum packing. Due to such evaporation circumstances a full vacuum cannot be reached nor does the machine stop automatically. Humidity would get into the pump. With a boiling point recognition the machine works normally and stops the vacuum process automatically. Less humidity reaches the vacuum pump.

Gas flushing / MAP

Technische Info Einlegeplatten Begasung

It is possible to pack the products under modified atmosphere (MAP). In this way, the products are not compressed and the shelf life is being extended.

Insert plates

Einlegeplatten flache Produkte von Komet

Flat products

Einlegeplatten flache Produkte von Komet

Big product

For perfect vacuum packing without wrinkling of the bag, it is very important, that the products – no matter of which size and amount – will always be perfectly inserted into the vacuum packing machine. To ensure successful outcome, there are always different insertion plates (not for Gourmet Saver) available.

Oil change indicator in the Comfort and Perfect control

The upcoming oil change is indicated on the Comfort as well as on the Perfect control. This information is always displayed when the pump runtime specified by the pump manufacturer has been attained. You can still continue working.

We recommend to perform the oil change as soon as possible, so that the vacuum pump and machine continues working perfectly, it is possible to attain the maximum vacuum height and that you can enjoy your machine for many years. Please find further details in the operating instructions.

Technische Info Anzeige Comfort-Steuerung von Komet

Display of the Comfort control

Technische Info Anzeige Perfect-Steuerung von Komet

Display of the Perfect control

Step / impulse vacuum in the Perfect control

For some products it is necessary to increase the vacuum process. For this reason, it can be guaranteed, that all air inside the product will come out of the product and the maximum vacuum can be achieved.

quality promise icon from Komet

Soft ventilation in the Perfect control

During the soft ventilation, the bag slowly wraps around the product, so that the products will keep their form and the bag will not be damaged. (Bones, fish etc.)

impulse vacuum from Komet

Control boards


Technische Info Comfort-Steuerung von Komet

Vacuum and sealing time can be adjusted. Vacuum-stop-button. It comes with a service program to evaporate the humidity from the pump, oil change display and an operating hours counter. Significant big LED display with pleasant colours and contrast contributing to a better reading from the distance of the given values on the display. Simple activation of three pre-programmed values and the service program. Marinating function. Compatible with all KOMET chamber vacuum packing machines. (except machines with cut-off sealing, separately regulated).

Options: Vacuum pump with continuous running, cut-off sealing with one temperature, gas flushing and switch off sealing bars are available at extra costs.


Sensor-controlled electronic for constant vacuum – independent from the product and chamber size. Vacuum-stop-button. Sealing time can be adjusted. 10 user programs can be individually stored. It comes with a service program to evaporate the humidity from the vacuum pump, boiling point recognition, oil change display, soft venting and an operating hours counter, password protection and cut-off sealing with 1 temperature. Multiple cycle of vacuum and gas flushing can be activated. Marinating function. Compatible with all KOMET chamber vacuum packing machines.

Options: Vacuum pump running continuously, impulse vacuum, gas flushing, separately adjustable cut-off sealing switch off sealing bars are available at extra costs.


Easy to operate control board. Vacuum and sealing time can be adjusted. Easy to clean surface. It comes with a service program to evaporate the humidity from the vacuum pump. Vacuum-stop-button.

Touch Terminal: Fastvac, Sprinter

Pilz touch terminal PMI, hardware platform for safe automation, all safety-relevant components (e. g. switches) are made by Pilz, user-friendly visualization can be operated intuitively, operational menu including target and actual values, user menu to store 99 adjustable programs and a fix standard program, service menu for maintenance and service support such as the film loading program, tool change, cleaning function or pump dehumidification, failure menu including error display and failure history, maintenance menu for the service technician including parameter settings and manual operation, automatic boiling point detection, display of oil and service interval, cycle counter for product management, password protection, texts in different languages of the countries may be displayed.

Sealing systems

Einfachschweissung von Komet

Single sealing
(4 mm)


Doppelschweissung von Komet

Parallel sealing (each 4 mm)

Cut-off and sealing
withone time setting

Cut-off and sealing
with 2 different time settings. (Perfect control required).

Druckluftunterstütztes Schweissen von Komet

Air pressure supported sealing
for thick bags.

Distance between sealing bars:

Distanz der Schweissbacken
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