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The best method to preserve food longer using the latest innovative returnable packaging vacuum system

The requirements in the hotel, gastronomy, canteen and catering business are becoming more and more diverse. The competition is increasing and the requirements of the customers – not only with regard to quality – are increasing as well. A correct equipment for the kitchen including individual right products as well as latest technologies for each type of kitchen is indispensable. Therefore, vacuum packaging has become a must wherever food is stocked, produced and offered safely and hygienic. Meat and sausages, poultry, ready meals, soups, sauces, cheese, fish, fruits, vegetables and other food are longer durable due to vacuum packaging and thus they will neither loose weight nor aroma.

NEW NOW: The new vaculid® made by Rieber allows vacuumizing using a Komet machine in connection with standard GN containers and thermoplates® made by Rieber for vacuumizing. Numerous other advantages are resulting hereof: