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Food product solutionsMAP packing for fruits and vegetables

A habit which had already been successfully introduced a long time ago in many fields of packing of food is
now becoming more and more accepted for fruits and vegetable: pre-portioned, ready-cut fruits and vegetables
as well as ready-made salads. A segment with a large potential of growth!

The small individual portions meet to the increasing number of small and single households as well as to the wishes to be able to prepare and consume prepared food with little effort and in a short time. A very large target group who are taking advantage of prepared fruits and vegetables are employed persons who wish to feed on more and more healthy food but in a very short time.

Up to now, the shelf life had been a large problem, since freshly cut fruits could not be sold after a long shelf life. But now we are able to solve this problem by using vacuum packing machines of protective gas type. The trade can directly profit from the self-service trend by taking advantage of the vacuum packing technology. Besides supermarkets, butcheries, bakeries or petrol stations, more and more services are benefiting from this chance.
If the fruits and vegetables are packed under vacuum and gas, there is no need to sell them immediately which leads to considerably less waste/loss and this way to considerably more turnover.

Due to the improved shelf life, it is possible to transport the fruits and vegetables over longer distances, e.g. logistics is being considerably simplified. Our machines are best appropriate for the MAP packing of fruits: chamber machines for packing in bags, the semi-automatic tray sealing machine TS-100, the fully automatic tray sealer TS-1000 for large plants and many more.

- Linde Gas – The ultimate combination for freshness – 8 Pager.
- MAPAX® modified atmosphere packaging.

- Linde Gas – The ultimate combination for freshness – 56 Pager.
- MAPAX® modified atmosphere packaging.