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The following movies will show you the benefits and advantages of Sous-Vide cooking and also of vacuum chamber machines in generally use.

Sous-Vide Concept in vacuum bags:
MOVIE 1: Sous-Vide pineapple
MOVIE 2: Sous-Vide chicory
MOVIE 3: Sous-Vide duck breast
MOVIE 4: Sous-Vide lettuce
MOVIE 5: Sous-Vide carrots
MOVIE 6: Sous-Vide salmon
MOVIE 7: Sous-Vide ox cheek
MOVIE 8: Sous-Vide ribeye
MOVIE 9: Sous-Vide ribeye steak
MOVIE 10: Sous-Vide beef broth

Packing and regeneration in microwave:

MOVIE 1: Technology / Settings
MOVIE 2: Marinated products
MOVIE 3: Ready-to-eat-meals
MOVIE 4: Vegetables
MOVIE 5: Fruits
MOVIE 6: Cooking/Regeneration