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Training and Seminars.

For our Sales and Service partners we can offer training sessions and information events
all around vacuum packaging.

Which events will be offered?

Individual Schedule to be agreed with Mr. Rainer Krebs via:
Tel.: +49 (0) 71 53 / 83 25-19, Fax: -27 or rainer.krebs@vakuumverpacken.de

Nether the less you have the alternative for a training to be arranged in your facility if at least
5 Persons are attending. The term can be discussed with the individual trainer.

If you need assistance for a hotel reservation we can help you.

Equipment of Training Centre
The KOMET Training Centre in Plochingen is equipped with the full range of machines, from
the small Tabletop machine to the full automatic Thermoforming machine. You will have the
opportunity very practical to learn about the efficiency. Video terminals are to be at your disposal
with more details on mode of operation for the individual machines.