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Vacuum packing and thermalizers in private households

More and more persons demand highest standards for their kitchen. At this, not only design and quality are important but more and more also innovative kitchen techniques and preparations. What has yet been successfully used for a long time in the gastronomy and catering industry will become more and more popular in private households: The use of vacuum packaging machines and thermalizers as "Stand-alone solution" or also integrated in existing or new kitchens.

By using vacuum packaging machines, fresh products are maintained longer durable and can be more easily stored. In connection with our gourmet thermalizers it is possible to first vacuumize and then gently cook (Sous Vide) fish, meat, vegetables and fruit at low temperatures. The result are products of a quality which cannot be attained by other cooking techniques, incomparable aromas and textures as well as cooking to the point.

We are offering a particularly comprehensive scope of products for all private customers or manufacturers and planners of privat kitchens who are addressing private customers.