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Press release KOMET September 2016

“Comfort” – the new control board for vacuum chamber machines made by the company KOMET is now even more user friendly!

Besides quality, functionality and price, the design and the user friendliness are becoming more and more important reasons to decide to purchase for all who are using the vacuum technique. Therefore, KOMET has developed a completely new control for its chamber vacuum machines which is even more user friendly than the current control and which also optically convinces on the whole line.  The new “Comfort” is equipped with a large LED display with pleasant colours and a strong contrast which can also easily be read from a distance. Furthermore, the user can easily activate three preset vacuum values as well as the service program by pressing a button.

The market launch of the control “Comfort” will take place in autumn 2016. The new “Comfort” replaces the current control board “Select”. Furthermore, the new “Comfort” is compatible with all chamber vacuum machines made by KOMET which are already on the market, except for machines with cut off sealing separately regulated. Thus, if you like you can easily replace the current “Select” by the new “Comfort”. All other technical features and the price of the technique which has proven more than 10,000 times up to now will remain unchanged.