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Press release KOMET September 2020

KOMET vacuum packaging – Recyclable vacuum machines and pouches: sustainable buying, sustainable working and sustainable disposal.

KOMET’s company philosophy values quality that is both superior and sustainable. This approach has many benefits for our customers:

1. Sustainable buying:

When they buy from us, our customers receive a vacuum machine that is made almost entirely of recycled and recyclable components. This includes the plastic insert plate, metal parts such as the housing, screws and bolts, gas springs and pressure pieces, and cast parts such as the vacuum pump. The machines are packaged and delivered in recyclable wooden or cardboard packaging.

2. Sustainable working:

The issue of discarded leftover food is a global one. Vacuum packaging machines offer many different ways of tackling this problem whilst at the same time saving resources. Products stay fresher and have a longer shelf life, there are fewer wasted offcuts from products such as sausages, and leftover food can be used later. What’s more, original packaging can be resealed, which helps to protect the products against moisture and prevent them from spoiling too quickly.

3. Sustainable disposal:

Because KOMET machines are almost 100% recyclable, our customers can easily dispose of their machine at the end of its life cycle with a clear conscience.

KOMET also takes care to ensure that natural alternatives to plastic trays, such as reusable jars, wooden-fibre containers and trays, or fully recyclable vacuum pouches, can be used with the machines and can be easily and sustainably recycled locally.

KOMET is a developer and manufacturer of high-quality vacuum machines and thermalisers for a range of applications. Our machines can fulfil the strictest quality requirements and are economical to operate. Be it for meat, sausages, vegetables, fruit, baked goods or fish, KOMET has the right product for every need and for every company profile. KOMET has built up its extensive skills and expertise throughout its 60-year history.

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