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Press release KOMET October 2010

The trend in kitchen planning – integrated vacuum packaging machines

It is not possible to imagine today’s professional kitchens without vacuum packaging machines - no matter if it is for catering, food trade or restaurants. In addition, in recent times there is a trend to Sous-Vide cooking at low temperature.
However, in most cases these machines are separately purchased as a “standalone solution“ and installed ergonomically or space wise disadvantageous. Afterwards it is not possible to use integrated solutions. In kitchens inconvenient working processes, an insufficient utilization of space as well as ergonomic problems may result, which finally result in a reduction of efficiency and profitability.

Komet has recognized this trend and developed an exemplary and compact solution. It offers completely new starting-points as well as interesting options to all users, kitchen planners and manufacturers: The particular advantage is in the compact placement of the vacuum machine in the kitchen counter from the start, at the beginning of the planning. As required, it is possible to directly install the machine in the kitchen counter and thus it is easy and better to use due to the optimum working height. Furthermore, the machine does not disturb the optical appearance and it is “tidy”. Think of this when you are planning your next kitchen. Please find further information under …

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