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Press release KOMET March 2008

Make money out of your steam! Save your energy costs, heat your KOMET
shrink tank with steam in combination with your KOMET vacuum packer.

Daily arising expenses for electricity and water consumption demands for alternative solutions in operation to be competitive and stay profitable.

Make it your advantage! KOMET can offer you to work profitable with your existing free-of-charge surplus steam resulting from your own production in line with a vacuum shrink combination in order to save energy.
This way, you can combine several KOMET vacuum packaging machines such as
the S 501 B or the SD 520 B and the hot water shrink tunnel ST-170. Heat the KOMET shrink tunnel by using your “own“ steam instead of electricity. By heating up the water and continuously adjusting the temperature you can use the already existing free-of-charge steam and thus save valuable energy cost. 

The Komet hot water shrink tunnel ST 170 is completely made of stainless steel.
The entire transport process of the shrink tunnel is fully automatic. The system is controlled by a photo cell.

For further information’s don’t hesitate to contact KOMET: +49 (0) 71 53 / 83 25-0.