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Press release KOMET May 2007

KOMET News: Automatic vacuum conveyor belt chamber machine Typ S 910 B.

This year again KOMET  Plochingen is presenting some novelties in the market of the rising and quick changing requirements in the vacuum packing sector to fully satisfy customer needs. One example is the new S 910 B, a new designed automatic vacuum machine for efficient production of big and small products with an high output.

With the S 910 B KOMET realised an automatic vacuum conveyor belt chamber machine with a big chamber and an inline conveyor. With the inline conveyor the products are automatically transported from the feeding until the discharge area. Another highlight is the big vacuum chamber which is equipped with two 1000 mm long sealing bars. The customer can switch between “Automatic” and “Manual” mode. In “Automatic“ operation the customer has two 1000 mm sealing bars. Which allows
an high output of small and mid size products and in “Manual” operation it can be additionally equipped with a 530 mm sealing bar (for very long products up to 1000 mm). With this option the machine is for multiple usage and gives a great flexibility. The belt speed and the cover can be adjusted according to customers need and product specification. The vacuum pump is placed inside the easy cleaning stainless steel housing and so fully protected.

With the KOMET S 910 B products can be handled in an efficient and convenient way with low time consumption and minimized manpower. With the inline conveyor system the vacuum packed products will be transported to additional operation (Shrink tunnel, weighing, labelling) with out any additional handling.

For further information, please contact KOMET: +49 (0) 71 53 / 83 25-0.