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Press release KOMET June 2007

Worldwide novelty: KOMET SPRINTER – the compact Thermoforming machine
with a sensational price.

The new KOMET SRINTER is unique in many ways. The SPRINTER is much smaller and more compact than all other Thermoforming machines, which have been offered until today without loosing convenience and comfort in handling. With the 2.6 m length the SPRINTER will fit as well into small facilities which have not been able to handle that type of packaging before. Even the SPRINTER is very short the handling and feeding is easy because of the extremely wide feeding section, with 3 full loading moulds open. With that the handling is most efficient and allows the operation with
not only one operator. With the VARIO tools the machine is able to handle a wide range of products. The film change and the tool change can be done easily and very fast. The SPRINTER is 5 times quicker than a standard chamber vacuum machine.

But the high speed is not the main characteristic of the SPRINTER. With a totally new hydraulic system the compressed air consumption will drop tremendously, which gives the option not only for a lower purchasing price of the machine but also the running expenses are unbeatable low. This new system allows a very high contact pressure
for a perfect sealing, as well it feeds free of service the forming-, sealing- and cross cutting-section. The hydraulic oil is clear like water, taste less, without any flavour,
food proved and harmless in health. It is according FDA and USDA regulations. The SPRINTER will be delivered in “PLUG & PLAY“ version to prove a quick start up after
a short warm up time.

KOMET combines with the SPRINTER the keywords: compact, flexible, quick and beneficial in one machine. A strong partner for medium size enterprise.

For further information, please contact KOMET: +49 (0) 71 53 / 83 25-0.