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Press release KOMET July 2007

Hygiene and shelf life in the field of food is becoming more and more essential.

In the past few years, these topics such as food scandals like BSE, rotten or spoiled meat have caused negative headlines coming up again and again. Customer sensitivity has been tightened up about quality of meat. In the meantime Hygiene and shelf life have become more important as it has been ever before. These points are essential aspects in the production of food – not only an inconvenient padding, but
a potential advantage in competition and a sales argument in the highly competitive market. This applies for the small butchery as well as for large industrial companies. Therefore, the topic hygiene and shelf life should already be taken into consideration for planning the production facility – e.g. not only the used devices in the production, but also the packing technology.

The company KOMET with their vacuum packaging machines is making an important contribution in particular to the shelf life of food. By using the KOMET vacuum technology, it is possible to preserve the products for a longer time.  But as well KOMET took very much the aspect of hygiene into consideration in the wide range of machine development. Convenient handling for cleaning and process as well as a full stainless steel construction are the vertices of the KOMET range. This will prove product and process safety and moreover the vacuumbag will protect the product against external damaging.

The full automatic KOMET packaging lines are proving an optimized hygienical process. As for instance the KOMET FASTVAC, a vacuum packaging machine for cold cuts or for flat piece goods up to a height of 15 mm. Together with the slicing machine
it combines the working steps slicing and packaging. No human touch during the process of slicing and packing is the big advantage. To feed the slicer with uncut product is the only manual operation for this process. All other process steps are proceeding automatically. The product is sliced, portioned as required and transmitted on a conveyor belt to the vacuum packaging machine. Photo cells determine the length of the product in order to exactly adapt the size of the packaging. This way, the time-consuming laborious manual bagging of the product is omitted at which the risk of contamination with germs will be minimized or terminated. At the end of the line the product is readily vacuum packed and can finally be further processed automatically or manually (weighing and labeling). Modified atmosphere (gasflushing) is an optional alternative. Prolongated shelflife and convenient handling are the top features especialy for cold cuts like thin ham ore Mortadella for this option. This way, the KOMET FASTVAC guarantees best possible hygiene and an extended shelf life.

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