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Press release KOMET January 2009

Convenience - getting to the point

KOMET RapidPac – the tray sealers also for ready-to-serve meals, sauces and soups

Ready-to-serve meals are purchased more and more and in the meantime they became
an attractive alternative to fresh made meals due to the gentle preparation using fresh products.

The expectations of customers in ready-to-serve meals are high. Beside an appealing look the products need to have a possibly high nutritive value and vitamin content as well as an unchanged taste even after a long term between purchase and consumption.

Using the KOMET RapidPac such high quality requirements will be complied with in any regard from now on. Offer more service to your customers having more process reliability and flexibility at the same time.

It is possible to produce your product in advance and package it under protective atmosphere. This new technique including the used rays and films allow a considerably longer durability of the product compared to common packaging procedures. The customer heats up the product once shortly before consumption in the dish in his microwave (PP-trays) or in the furnace (C-PET-trays). Optics, taste and nutritive value/vitamin content will
be maintained as required.

It is also possible to equip the KOMET RapidPac with a laser-perforated top film. This novel top film allows uniform heating up of the product within seconds without dehydration due to the generated overpressure when regenerating the food.

By using this procedure it is possible to obtain a better cooking balance which would not be possible if the different products would be heated up open due to the different heating up times.

Test your options – test our products!

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