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Press release KOMET February 2010

World premiere – mobile cooking under vacuum LIVE

In the field of catering, restaurants and the hospitality industry technical product optimizations and innovations belong to the standard since years and are essential prerequisites for the success of all companies involved. However, really new and innovative ways are often not chosen. High cost, fear of missing market acceptance or simply missing time and too little pioneering spirit are the reasons in most cases.
Again the engineers and inventors of Komet at Plochingen in Swabia faces this trend. At the Intergastra in Stuttgart this year, Komet presents an absolute world premiere and as is once again becoming a pioneer of the whole industry: A complete, compact and totally mobile kitchen for the topic “Sous-Vide” – cooking at low temperature – or just vacuum cooking.

Thus Komet offers the option to all interested parties to experience live Sous-Vide cooking and to be convinced of the particular taste experience on trade fairs, seminaries or customer presentations. The particular appeal is in the freedom to choose the location. The interested parties are not forced to travel long journeys and must not restrict themselves with theoretic documents and descriptions. Quite the contrary: The exact procedure of the Sous-Vide method can be tested practically and in detail and finally it is possible to taste the products.

For further information’s don’t hesitate to contact KOMET: +49 (0) 71 53 / 83 25-0.