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Press release KOMET December 2011

Shrinking with the thermalizer

“Shrinking“ of products became indispensable for gastronomy, caterers and butcheries. There are many advantages: In this way it is possible to keep the shape of the meat and less juice escapes from the product which in turn improves the taste and maintains the colour of the meat.
The shrink tanks which had been available on the market up to now (with a water volume of more than 70 litres) were mainly designed for large quantities.

From January 1st, 2012 on it is possible to operate the thermalizers Nona, Sophie and Kerstin at a temperature of up to 98 degrees optionally. In this way, it is also possible to easily process vacuum shrink bags in the gourmet thermalizer – a cost-efficient alternative for customers using little quantities of shrink packs.

Of course, the customers can also cook the vacuumized food at low temperatures as usual.

Due to the compact sizes the thermalizers Sophie, Kerstin and Nona can be easily and rapidly installed and due to their little energy consumption they can be operated using a standard power connection of 230V (no high-voltage current required). Furthermore; there is another option, the so-called “Anti-vapour-balls“ which allow operating the thermalizers with considerably less energy consumption.