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Press release KOMET August 2015

A successful thermoforming line – SPRINTER – KOMET expands its range of thermoforming machines

The successful thermoforming line “Sprinter” made by KOMET is from now on available to process film width of 322 mm and 422 mm as well as with a variable cut off length of 200 mm up to 300 mm. Thus, the users can create larger packaging in the future and respond even more rapidly and variably to different requirements.
The SPRINTER is unique in many aspects. It is much smaller and more compact than similar machines of its kind you can purchase on the market – without having to forego the operating comfort. To the contrary. With its length of 2.7 m it also fits into small rooms. But in spite of the little external dimensions, three complete uses to infeed the products are available due to the extremely long infeed area. Therefore, it would be possible to work extremely efficiently – also with several persons at a time. The implementation of the Vario-tool enables and contributes to a substantial flexibility to process different products. It en­sures a very rapid format change and even the film is being replaced in no time. The SPRINTER is up to five times more rapid than a chamber machine and thus it lives up to its name.

But not only speed distinguishes the SPRINTER from other machines. Due to a new hydraulic lifting system, the compressed air consumption is very low, which makes the price of the thermoforming machine unbeatable low compared to conventional systems, not only regarding the purchase, but also during operation. This information and facts should absolutely be taken into consideration and are to help you ease a decision making for current new investments.

This new system enables not only a high contact pressure but reflects also in a low maintenance forming and sealing station as well as cross cutting. The used hydraulic oil is water-clear, has no smell and is tasteless, food-safe and has no harmful effects on health. It complies with the FDA and USDA directives. The machines are delivered fully wired, so that the production can be started after a short heating-up time.

The SPRINTER made by KOMET stands for its great combined attributes “compact, flexible, rapid and cost-efficient” in one machine. A strong thermoforming machine for medium-sized companies!

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