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Press release KOMET April 2008

New Internet Homepage design of Komet

Since March 2008, the new Homepage of KOMET is online. This way, KOMET is fulfilling the increasing importance of the online medium:

The homepage is designed in a modern and emotional way and is meeting the daily requirements. It had been structured on the basis of a comprehensive requirement analysis and tests had been performed in the target group with regards to contents in another and considerably clearer way. Via a user-friendly menu guidance you can call important and useful information about the topic vacuum packaging in general as well as about KOMET and the KOMET machines in particular – from the picture and the film of the machines over the technical data up to the corresponding accessories – with a few clicks.

Already on the first page, the user will find lots of information which will guide him from the beginning rapidly and target-oriented through the menu. Furthermore, he has the option to find the adequate machine for his requirements in different ways – he can either click on the menu item “Packaging solutions” e.g. for the catering or directly on the menu item "Machines”. This way, professionals as well as customers will rapidly find the perfect machine for their requirements.

Already within the first weeks since the homepage is online the application videos of the machines have shown to be the absolute highlight. These videos demonstrate and visualize the functions and advantages of the machines.

Also the new area  “Used/Demonstration machines“ is available on the homepage which also had been very well accepted by the market within a short time.

This way, the customers are informed “all around the clock“. Thus, they are not fixed to the office hours. Furthermore, you can find all information regarding trainings, contacts, support and spare parts by clicking on the menu item “Service Center“. For all the partners of KOMET, the site is a useful “tool“ in their daily working life. The current access figures with an average of more than 400 qualified visitors (no double visits) per day are confirming this fact quite impressively.

You can visit our new homepage under www.vacuumpackaging.com.

KOMET will of course be at your disposal for any question regarding the homepage. Please do not hesitate to contact KOMET under the phone number +49 7153 8325-0 or by e-mail komet@vacuumpackaging.com