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Press release KOMET April 2008

Beat the Best: RapidPac – the new Komet table top tray sealer !

Freshness in balance with the new RAPIDPAC and your Quality products.

With the “RapidPac“ made by Komet, the first compact easy-to-operate and high performing table top tray sealer which is suitable for any counter is on the market.
Komet are up to date regarding the freshness concept“ Freshserve“.

The well known butcher can now positively differentiate himselve towards standardized self-packaged products in the supermarket and instead of always
lower prices he can win with even more freshness, more quality and the individual packaging service he can make.

Due to the packing in trays with gas flushing/MAP, the single slices will no longer
stick together and can easily be served in a delicious way when you open the tray.
For piece-goods such as, e.g. meat, sausages or cheese, the exterior shape of the product is no longer deformed, so that the product also looks delicious at any time
and can be presented in an attractive way in the sales area of your shop.

The table top tray sealer RapidPac constitutes an affordable entrance to the topic
self-service packaging. No compressed air and no 3 Phase power supply is required. Due to the gas flushing/MAP, a considerably longer durability of the product is being achieved.

The new RapidPac is easy to use and the casing is made of stainless steel. Easy, manual insertion of the trays in the sealing frame. Sealing plate is temperature-controlled and Teflon-coated

For further information’s don’t hesitate to contact KOMET: +49 (0) 71 53 / 83 25-0.