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Medical application – KOMET vacuum packaging machines in hospitals

What about hospitals and KOMET? Do you think that they have nothing in common? Also in hospitals our
vacuum technology is required. The KOMET machines are packing sheets, blankets, pillows and other fabrics. There are two important advantages.

On one hand those things will stay sterile in a vacuum protective atmosphere for a long period of time, which
is extremely important in a medical surrounding. Even the best cleaning is of no use if the predicate "sterile" vanishes into the air within a few hours only. The germ load will be strongly reduced contrary to the common packing, the sterile state will be maintained much longer. An eventual cleaning later on will no longer be
required which leads to cost saving.

On the other hand the vacuum packing with KOMET machines in this domain has another important advantage. The volume of blankets, pillows, etc. can be reduced considerably. Therefore it is space saving and a significant storage space which can be used for other devices and fields of application and will lately be valuable cash. Furthermore, the transportation of packed blankets is much easier. If required, the packing can be simply
labelled and this way be furnished with cleaning and stocking data.

Its advantages at a glance: