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The SPRINTER is an unique solution in many ways. It is shorter and more compact than other thermoforming machines without loosing important features. With a shortness of only 2.7 m its useable also in very small rooms. In spite of its shortness the SPRINTER has three complete package lengths open for loading the products because of its extremly long loading station. This allows to work utmost rational also with a couple of employees. The SPRINTER          guarantees up to 5 times the efficiency and speed of a normal chamber machine. The new lifting unit is reducing the air pressure consumption to a minimum. Therefore the SPRINTER is not only unbeatable in its purchase costs but also in operation cost. It is ready to work and the production can be started immediately after connecting the machine.

Technical detail:  
Standard machine shortness (Index 200 – 240 mm) (mm): 2,690
- incl. conveyor belt (mm): 2,825
Standard machine shortness (Index 260 – 300 mm) (mm): 3,110
- incl. conveyor belt (mm):   3,245
Machine width  
- For film width 322 mm (mm):   890
- For film width 422 mm (mm):   990
Machine height (mm) +–  50 mm: 1,685
Loading height (mm) +– 50 mm: 1,000
Top film (mm): 315 and 415
Bottom film (mm): 322 and 422
Film core (mm):   76
Maximum roll diameter for bottom film (mm):   330
Maximum roll diameter for top film (mm):   330
Index standard (mm):   200 – 300
Max. thermoforming depth (mm):   100
Power supply:   400V/3Ph+N+PE/50Hz
Power (kW):   from 5.5
Water connection in and out   Rectus NG7
Vacuum pump (cbm/h):   40  ( 60 / 106 / 151)
Weight with tools (kg):   from 1,000
Compressed air connection (oil-free):   Rectus NG7

Compressed air consumption according to format and depth starting at 7 l/cycle with min. 6 bar

Important: Compressed air connection as well as water inlet / outlet at the installation site are necessary!


The main advantages in a quick glance


Standard equipment




Advantages because of hydraulic lifting unit




With vario-tool, an easy insert system for different products possibilities. Easy and fast change of film rolls
and format die sets.