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KOMET offers a range of fully-automated vacuum packaging machines for industrial users – from the fully-automated tray sealer, up to the automated thermoforming machine for the economical packaging of large
batch quantities.

The real benefits of KOMET automated vacuum packaging machines are their diverse range of flexible applications and the option of combining with other machines and known systems and working procedures.
The TS 1000 tray sealer, for example, is easily combined with a mincer, a tray dispenser, an automatic loader
and a weighing and labelling station to create a fully-automated production line.

Alternatively, with the KOMET automated vacuum packaging machines the expand of the machinery can be
done in an economical way, step-by-step. The customer does not have to go for the “overall solution” right at the beginning. His production system can be adapted gradually in line with his development.

The large number of options and the ability to create the perfect solution meets the need of industrial users to personalise their machinery.

Despite or because of the high degree of industrialisation, all machines are very simple to operate and have
an excellent performance.