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50 years of KOMET

Over 50 years ago KOMET milking machines were already being built on the vacuum principle. By the beginning of the sixties KOMET had manufactured over 25,000 of these machines for the agricultural industry.


Our expert knowledge about the vacuum was then used to develop the packaging machines. Designed as a table-top unit, the small, compact, sturdy KOMET vacuum packer was called the "Vacuboy" back in those days - and is still called that today.

More than 10,000 "Vacuboys" have been in use for over 30 years.

A legend in the industry:
Modern, fast, reliable, compact, proven and inexpensive.

Of course, in practice, large KOMET stand-alone units and KOMET dual chambers are used in industry and
trade where there is higher packaging revenue. The benefits of vacuum packaging have long been the accepted standard here.

KOMET is a modern medium-sized family business with customers and partners all over the world.

Now in its third generation, the company is led today by.Peter Fischer. The company is characterised by
constant work on improving and simplifying products with the tireless aim of increasing customer satisfaction.

Thanks to its size the company can respond flexibly and rapidly to changes in the market.

The future lies in the automation of the packaging process, which is impressively portrayed at KOMET by their latest development, the KOMET deep-drawing machine SPRINTER.