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Vacuumizing, thermalizing or cooking under vacuum –
we are offering the adequate solution for any requirement.

The requirements in hotel, gastronomy, butcher shops and for caterers are becoming more and more versatile also regarding product quality. The competition is increasing and the requirements of the customers are increasing as well. A correct planning and the correct equipment for the kitchen including individual products as well as latest technologies for each type of kitchen are indispensible. We are offering you numerous solutions and products all around the topics vacuuming, termalizing and cooking under vacuum (Sous-Vide) for meat, sausages, vegetables, fruits or fish. We are offering the right product for any company profile – no matter if for butchery shops, caterers, gastronomy, large kitchens or hotel business handling small quantities or large events, no matter if you have lots of space or if you are working in a limited space. Highest quality requirements and cost-efficient operating modes apply for all our products. Our products are perfectly adjusted with one another regarding function, performance and design. You get everything from vacuum machines or thermalizers up to advices from one stop (one contact, one ordering process, etc.).

Your advantages due to vacuum cooking:

• Due to the low cooking temperature considerably less liquid is escaping from the product in the vacuum bag and thus it may be avoided that the product dries out. Since the air is withdrawn from the vacuum bag in which the products are inserted, the food may be preserved considerably longer and maintained in its origin form.

• Vitamins and natural nutrients are maintained due to the protection provided by the vacuum packaging and the little heat supply. The packaged food can neither dry out nor oxidize and the natural colour may even be intensified.

• The processes in particular in catering are more controlled, more efficient and less stressful. It is easier to plan, prepare and calculate events. Parties and events require a higher flexibility from the caterer. It is not possible to integrate guests in a time pattern. Schedules are seldom kept. Using the Sous-Vide process you can cook the products under vacuum in advance and store them until the event is started. On the date of the event the products are regenerated in the thermalizer and finally prepared.

• When cooking under vacuum you are completely independent from time. Products are pre-cooked precisely during idle times and prepared and served as required. Since the production is independent from time, the utilization of the kitchen is considerably improved.

• Vacuum machines and thermalizer can be used independently at different places. In this way, the working processes are not limited in particular in smaller kitchens.

• Thermalizers are operated with single phase current and consume considerably less current than e.g. a steam cooker or combi-steamer  which is operated with high voltage current.

Innovative solutions for the kitchen.

Everywhere, where food can be spoiled quickly, the usage of vacuum packaging is necessary today. Sausage, Meat, Poultry, home made readymeals, soups, sauces, cheese, fish and other foods that are made for longer shelf life have no weight or aroma loss. The vacuum packagingis hygienic as well as attractive and therefore perfect for sales. Especially for storage, vacuum packaging is a crucial requirement.

These enormous possibilities offers the chef great advantages and savings. If you measure the common losses due to spoiling or loss it is absolutely necessary to purchase a vacuum packaging machine also if economic aspects are considered.

Your advantages

• Pefect maturing of the meat inside the film
• No loss in weight
• No greasy coating
• Protection of the aroma
• No influence of smell
• Cheaper buying in bulk
• Easier kitchen controlling
• No freeze burn
• No loss of first cut and hygienic storing
• Hygienic storing (necessary equipment: enough cooling and storing capacity
• Common technical equipment
• Advanced kitchen concepts (Cook and Chill, Cuision Sous-Vide)
• Increase of turnover with ready meals
• Consistent service,greater variety of meals
• Faster workflow without problems reactingto fluctuation in quantities
• Less trained personal needed
• Saving of energy

Optimally suitable for gastronomical applications:

TS 100