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Press release KOMET January 2016

KOMET has re-engineered and extended its range of Sous-Vide cooking devices/thermalizers

Today Sous-Vide has firmly established itself in the commercial as well as in the ambitious private kitchens, with caterers, in the food industry and in the butcher's trade and has been providing a variety of advantages such as unique taste, easy cooking to the point, hygiene, freshness and economy.

For many years, the company KOMET in Plochingen was one of the pioneers and innovators in this field. Currently, KOMET presents numerous novelties and innovations regarding the topic Sous-Vide cooking devices/thermalizers under the brand Domnick. This includes two absolute global novelties: “Malin“ for very large quantities and numbers of pieces and “Sandra”, the first built-in solution for kitchen worktops.
Komet voll im Trend des „Freshserve-Frischekonzepts“.

KOMET can offer a unique range of products of Sous-Vide cooking devices/thermalizers for any requirements: from the standalone solution over the solution for the “canteen kitchen” up to the optically and technically perfect built-in solution which is perfectly integrated into the kitchen.

“Malin” – the Sous-Vide cooking device/thermalizer for Sous-Vide of large quantities and numbers of pieces

Up to now the user was forced to buy several small machines in order to be able to prepare large quantities of food in the Sous-Vide process at the same time. With the new Sous-Vide cooking device/thermalizer “Malin”, we are now offering a product which is suitable for very large pieces or large quantities of individually packaged food – depending on the needs with 400 and 600 litres of capacity and thus for a product weight of up to max. 150 kg or 220 kg. Other sizes from 200 to 1.500 litres are available upon request. “Malin” was developed in close coordination with leading cooks and customers and therefore meets the requirements of the professional operation in every respect.

“Malin” is the high-end product for canteen kitchens, caterers, butcher shops and the food industry and up to now, it is the unique Sous-Vide cooking device/thermalizer of this size worldwide. In spite of its size, it is very easy, and ergonomically ready to use in a few simple steps. Thanks to the stainless steel housing and pan, it is easy to clean and thus particularly hygienic. It is electrically heated and equipped with a supply for hot and cold water and with a separate floor grid. Thanks to the very good heat insulation, “Malin” is providing high energy efficiency. Furthermore, it is optionally equipped with a cover grid and baskets – which can e.g. be lifted out of the machine by using a ceiling crane.

“Sandra” – the world’s first built-in Sous-Vide cooking device/thermalizer

Today, in the kitchen planning and design besides design, shape and quality, in particular innovative kitchen techniques and preparation types are of importance. With “Sandra“, KOMET offers the world’s first Sous-Vide cooking device/thermalizer which can optically and technically perfectly be integrated into almost any kitchen worktop. The new “Sandra” fulfils the professional standard and can also be integrated subsequently, if it had not been directly taken into consideration during the planning of the kitchen.

Review of the range of product Sous-Vide cooking devices/thermalizers

By staying true to the motto “Making existing things even better”, KOMET has reviewed its range of products of Sous-Vide cooking devices/thermalizers. The design became even more high-grade and noble. The stainless steel surface of the device is smoother and thus easier to clean. The new display is easier readable due to new large figures and is now equipped with additional status displays. With the same capacity the machines are more compact and thus more space-saving than they had been up to now. Last but not least, the machines will be available at a more cost-efficient price due to the compact dimensions and the material reduction resulting hereof.