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Anti-vapour balls    

The water surface of the Gourmet thermalizer can be completely covered with anti-vapour balls (swimming balls) made of Polypropylene in order to considerably reduce the heat and evaporation losses.


Grating to separate    

You would like to cook vacuumized goods at the same temperature and at the same time, but with different starting times or with different cooking times?

Using the separation grid for the thermalizer it is possible to subdivide your bath and thus easily keep the bags having different cooking times apart. Perfect for the use in the à-la-carte business. Available for Julia and Melanie.


Grating to cover    

Thanks to the dead weight of the covering grid you can keep your vacuum bags under water during the whole cooking process. In this way, a uniform cooking process in the food is guaranteed over the entire cooking time. Just position the covering grind on top of the tank. Available for Julia and Melanie.