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S 910 B + ST 170

New automatic vacuum chamber machine with conveyor belt constructed for packing a high capacity of
small and large products. The operation method can be changed between „automatic“ and “manual“. For the automatic operation the S 910 B is equipped with 2 sealing bars each 1.000 mm long. For manual operation
it is possible to add one more sealing bar with 530 mm for packing very long products up to 1 m. Therefore
this machine can be used for every kind of use and product.

The vacuum pump is integrated in the machine for optimised protection. The cover movement and conveyor speed can be adjusted individually to the requests of the user and products. Because of this new solution
your products can be vacuum packed very fast and economically with a minimum of personnel expense. The integrated discharge belt allows an automatic process of the packages afterwards e.g. shrinking, weighing, labelling etc. Options: Cutt-off sealing separately regulated and external vacuum pump. Biactive sealing and cut off sealing are not combinable.

Technical detail:  
Chamber size (w x l x h/mm): 1000 x 550 x 200
Sealing length (mm): 2 x 1000 + 1x 530
Distance x(y)/(mm): 530 (1000)
Vacuum pump (cbm/h): 250
Power connection (v/ph/Hz): 400/3+N+PE/50Hz
Power (kW):   12,1
Compressed air (l/min): 20 at 6 bar
Max. bag size (mm): 530 x 1000
Outer dimensions (w x l x h/mm): 2800 x 1180 x 2055
Weight (kg):   750
Air pressure consumption (l/cycle):   20 at 6 bar
Air pressure connection necessary!

The main advantages in a quick glance



Technical detail ST 170:  
Working area (w x l/mm): 820 x 450
Dipping depth (mm): 100/150/200
Water volume (l): 140
Maximum Product weight (kg): 50
Power connection (v/ph/Hz): 400/3+N+PE/50Hz
Power (kW):   37
Safeguarding (Amp.): 63
Compressed air (l/min): 25 at 6 Bar
Outer dimensions (w x l x h/mm): 950 x 890 x 1500
Heater power (kW):   36
Weight (kg):   265

Air pressure connection necessary!

ST 170: stainless steel construction. The automatic transport of the product in and out of the shrink tunnel
is controlled by a photocell.