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Fully automatic vacuum packing machine for sliced or whole cuts with a height of up to 15 mm
and from a minimum weight of 80 g on (depending on the product and on the film). This In-line fully automatic
packaging machine eliminates the costly labour of manually loading products into a bag. Another advantage
is that during the hole process the product is not touched by hand and therefore much hygienic packed.
The sliced or stacked product is introduced to the in-feed conveyor of the packaging machine, there it
measures the length of the product in order to produce a bag the exact length of the product. Once
in the chamber the product is vacuum packaged or as an option gas flushed (MAP) and transported
automatically on to an exit conveyor – the cycle is complete. The final step of this process could include an automatic or manual weigh price labeler.

Technical detail:  
Pump (cbm/h): 60 (106 / 151)
Compressed air consumption (l/min): 6 with 6 bar
Compressed air connection: Quick coupling NW 7.2
Gas connection: Quick coupling NW 7.2
Film width (mm): 322
Film core (mm): 76
Maximum core of top and bottom film (mm): 300
Weight (kg): 391 (418 / 427)
Maximum package dimension internal (mm):   240 x 247
Maximum package dimension external (mm):   262 x 270
Cycle speed: according to product (Takte pro/min):   3 – 5
Height of infeed and exit conveyor (mm):   1000 + 50
Outer dimension (B x L x H/mm):   1360x 780x 1650
Power connection (v/ph/Hz):   400/3 + N + PE/50 Hz
Power (kW)   4.0 (4.7 / 5.8)


Standard Equipment